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EARTH w/ Universe217 @ Κύτταρο Live Club 27.02.2015


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We have waiteda long time for this night to come and those of us who were able to attend this show,despite the adversities of the weather, they witnessed a unique experience. Earth, the creation of Dylan Carlson that lives and reigns, while beingthe pioneers of doom / drone genre they deserve demonstrably their unique position.

For starters, our own Universe217 the special guests of this fine evening.Universe217 are a band that has been established in the Greek Doom scene since they are active for almost 10 years now and know very well how to make their every appearancehighly enjoyable. As many times one may have watched them,it will surely surpass any of their previous show. That night especially, though,it seemed as if they were poised to make the audience love them even more.

They pumped up the blood of the audience from the beginning ina totally packed KuttaroLive Club (SOLD OUT). The result was captivating without doubt, as they had a super dynamic and proselytizing presence.

Performing tracks from their album “Never”, as well as from their latest EP entitled “Ease” they reminded us the meaning ofbeautiful sound. The background video projectwas also very well made and immediately fit the vibe of their music. Once they had properly prepared the crowd, they said goodnight, and the time we all anxiously awaited had arrived.

The trio from Seattle climbed on stage and after a brief prologueofthe tracks, when Dylan Carlson said they would be playing rock and roll with their drone metal approach,nonetheless. The enchanting atmosphere spread in the room from the first notes of repetition absorbing everyone in its path.Dylan, with his nice and humble attitudewon all acclaim. Slow deafening sound, hyper & supreme melodies tore our ears upto pure rock’n’roll.Highlight was The Bees Made Honey In The Lion’s Skull where their audience praised ‘em.Mister Don Mc Greevey was keeping the lead bass completely immobilizing the world while drummer Adrienne Davies was keeping the slow-moving pace as empowered and loud as possible.

Particularly warm with the audience and performing songs mainly from their recent and fantastic album “Primitive and Deadly” up until their first recorded track back in 1989 “Ouroboros is Broken”, the roommate of Kurt Cobain did not leave any minute untapped.

The lack of Mark Lanegan’s voice in There Is A Serpent Coming and RabiaShaheenQazi’s inthe encore From The Zodiacal Light, was at firstsomehow alienating but the course showed to lead to whole majestyof the tracks. The live show of Earth in our country was finally one unique musical experience that will surely be remembered for long.

Our congratulations to Smoke The Fuzz and Elinafor the excellent organization of this show.

Badger’s Bane
Even Hell Has Its Heroes
The Bees Made Honey In The Lion’s Skull
There Is A Serpent Coming
Old Black
Ouroboros Is Broken
Torn By The Fox Of The Crescent Moon
Encore- From The Zodiacal Light

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