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Electrocution – Metaphysincarnation


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Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Country: Italy
Label: Goregorecords
Year: 2014

This band was active during the early-mid nineties, releasing their first full length Inside the Unreal in 1993, which was classical, American-driven death metal. After seventeen years of silence, they now return with a new record Metaphysincarnation which naturally does not verge on the sound of their debut, but instead includes a lot of signs of modernity. The production is polished and lives up to it’s expectations, giving the instruments and the vocals enough comfort and space to support the compositional work of the album, which is melodic and at times, groovy.

Electrocution combine pure death metal riffs with moments of modern grooveness, along with frequent soloing, shredding and semi shouting / growling vocals. Even though the record doesn’t offer anything pioneering musically, it’s somewhat enjoyable and well written, having a few notable tracks like “Logos”, “Bloodless” and “Panopticon”. Metaphysincarnation includes eleven songs and clocks up to thirty seven minutes in total. Common as it is in such albums, this also contains an instrumental interlude, the eighth track “Aliento Del Diablo” which is played on acoustic guitars and it works perfectly as a calm break before blasting “Spirals In Tension”.

Metaphysincarnation is a legit effort by the band after almost two decades, which praises the good musicianship and talent that undergoes it’s content. These guys worked well together once again and have progressed with their abilities, even though the result is not completely memorable as it is. This record does not contain masterpiece material but it is steady and trustworthy, in case one wants to listen to some good modern death metal.


The gate of the cavern is despair, and its floor is paved with the gravestones of abandoned hopes. There Self must die; there the eagerness, the greed of untamed desire must be slain, for only so can the soul be freed from the empire of Fate.

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