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Emerald Sun – Metal Dome


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Genre: Power Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Fast Ball Records
Year: 2015

Thessaloniki’s , Emerald Sun, were founded in 1998. Their debut album, “Escape From Twilight”, was released in 2007 by LIMB. “Regeneration” followed in 2011 released by Pitch Black Records, while this year “Metal Dome” was released by Fastball Records. The band also had released an unreleased album entitled “The Story Begins” back in 2005. The band’s members are John Athanasiadis (guitar), Fotis Toumanidis (bass), Sefis Gioldassis (keyboards), Paul Georgiadis (guitar), George Cleaver (drums) and Stelios Tsakiridis (vocals).

They play heavy/power metal of mid 80s/90s with a preference of the both sides of the Atlantic in their sound; the American melodic heavy metal and European power metal. The band succeeds into responding and performing equally well in whatever they play, either it is in up – tempo, mid tempo pace or pretty ballad tracks. Extremely good vocals by Stelios as well as by the rest of the band’s members, contribute the maximum with their playing in an album full of wonderful melodies, heavenly solos and choral epic choruses.

The title-track reminded me of Manowar; power metal at its finest with «Screamers In The Storm», «Black Pearl», «Racing With Destiny», «Dust And Bones», «Legacy Of Night» with a bit of Firewind in the intro (I’m referring to the keyboards) and the duet on «Call Of Nature» with Liv Kristine and the use of flute and cello brings a whole different twist, are some samples from a really great work, that I don’t think it’ll leave anyone untouched.

Another remarkable work by a Greek band possessed by passion, appetite for great things to be done and of course a band much better than a lot of trash-bands out there. Support.


Giorgos Athanasiou
Giorgos Athanasiou
I love you, I love you more than Jesus!

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