Enthrallment: Reveal Details about Their New Album


Last Updated on 12:24 PM by Lilliana Tseka

The Death Metal Beast form Pleven, Bulgaria, rises again! Enthrallment will release their 5th studio album, entitled “Eugenic Wombs”, on December 4th via Rebirth the Metal Productions. The cover artwork is a creation of Mirko from Illogical Conversions.

Listen to their promo track “Last Judgement Waltz” here:


Watch the album teaser here:

“Eugenic Wombs” tracklist:

01. Deserved Fears
02. Few Are Those Who Find It
03. Last Judgment Waltz
04. Totally Dismembered
05. Defame the Incarnation
06. Inspired Lunatic
07. Path to Silence
08. Nature Dose Not Allow Doubling
09. Enslaved by Your Own Seed

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