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Entombed A.D. | Soulskinner | For A Dozen Matters, Live in Athens, at An club | Friday 12.12.14


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Just one week ago this live show was not meant to happen. To our surprise, a new promoter saved the day and the almighty Entombed (unfortunately with different support acts even though once again suitable, but Wreckage in my opinion would be more than the perfect support band for the Swedes) with two other support bands -the old school deathsters Soulskinner and For A Dozen Matters -at the same time & place came and tore the place up.

For A Dozen Matters climbed the stage first under the presence of only a few people (approx.25) there to see them. The atmosphere during their set was very warm and they prepared the ground properly for Entombed A.D..For A Dozen Matters is a death’n’roll band (similar to Entombed’s sound) from Athens with many melodic elements that you should definitely check out if you haven’t already. They released their full length “The Hell That Follows” in September 2013.

Soulskinner’s turn to hit the stage with their raw sounds. Yet not so many people were inside the Αn club but still the band was blowing our ears providing their extreme death metal despite the way too obvious sound problems. Still the band gave the best of their selves and the audience seemed to appreciate their effort, giving them a warm applause after every song. Of course their setlist was based on the latest release “Crypts of Ancient Wisdom”. I cannot distinguish as a highlight any of the songs that they played due to the sound problems but I’m pretty sure that whoever dedicated his time to see them perform yesterday was fully compensated. Kudos to Gothmog’s throat.

Speaking of throats, Petrov’s is considered to be amongst the best ones coming from Europe in Death metal alongside with Van Drunnen’s and we witnessed that last night.The now almost filled An Club erupted as the first sounds blasted off the speakers.The Swedes hit the stage as a quartet with only one guitarist. The quality of the sound was far better from the supporting acts and the audience seemed sooo thirsty for old school death’n’roll. Petrov’s funny side was apparent during the whole show same goes for his famous snots, giving the timeout for both crowd and band.
The rhythm section was solid, steady and groovy while OlleDahlstedt stole the show with his pummeling drumming. Highlights: “Revel in flesh”,”Out of hand”,”Left hand path”. Nice moment of the live was when the singer from Tiamat, Johan Edlund climbed the stage and served his compatriots drink shots.
Overall it was another great performance by Entombed with or without A.D. ,With or without Alex. It was a show for the true believers of the band plus a”Value for money” for anybody that wants to entertain themselves under the sounds of pure death’n’ roll.really hope to see them back in Athens again

P.s. I would like to thank my co-editors Kostas Analytis& Bill Zobolas for their help for doing this report.

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