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Entombed: Threeman re-issue campaign finally is ending!


Last Updated on 02:30 AM by Giorgos Tsekas

The Entombed PledgeMusic Threeman re-issue campaign has finally come to… almost its end!!! Take a glance on the cd versions re-issues, as the band has posted on its official facebook profile. For those that don’t remember …long ago….Entombed asked from their fans to fund the reissuing of three of their records (“DCLXVI,” “Uprising” and “Same Difference”), all originally released on Threeman Recordings. We believe that soon all fans will be able to get their copies in their hands (both vinyl & cd).1656434_10153309823558448_9164854351244210269_n1743471_10153315756953448_3750674247862704026_n1505602_10153315941193448_6682453644841005716_n

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