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Entrails – World Inferno


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Genre: Death Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Metal Blade
Year: 2017

The Swedish deathsters Entrails were originally formed in 1990 and disbanded 8 years later, but along with the revival of the Swedish OSDM sound during the last decade, they were reformed in 2008 and since then they are consistently serving the genre. So, here is their 5th full-length album ‘World Inferno’, released a few days ago.

For those that haven’t listened to them before, the opening s/t track is a typical example of their sound. Filthy guitar distortion, courtesy of the classic HM-2 Boss pedal, riffs straight out of the glorious days of Swedish Death Metal, embellished with eerily sounding melodies, brutal vocals that remind me of Dan Swanö and Grave’s Ola Lindgren, plenty of bass guitar and fast drumming similar to the style of Dismember’s Fred Estby. There is a variety of tempos, as we can listen to fast songs (World Inferno, Condemned to the Grave, Serial Murder, Suffer, The Blood Breed), mid-tempo songs with a lot of groove (The Soul Collector, Dead and Buried, Insane Slaughter, The Hour of the Casket), as well as the doomy ‘rotten’ track ‘Into Eternal Fire’. Entrails’ influences are obvious and mostly come from the genre’s titans (Dismember, early Entombed, Edge of Sanity, Grave etc.), while ‘Serial Murder (Death Squad)’ strongly resembles At the Gates’ ‘Slaughter of the Soul’. Highlight of the album, for me, is the closing track ‘The Blood Breed’ that brought back memories of classic albums such as ‘Left Hand Path’ and ‘Like an Everflowing Stream’.

Lyrically, this album is dealing with Death and Blood which make a great fit for Entrails’ music so don’t expect any philosophies or higher meanings. Production is flawless, with every instrument being audible in the mix, which I believe was done by Dan Swanö.

‘World Inferno’ might not be the most ground-breaking album I’ve listened to as of recently, but will certainly give any Swedish OSDM fan the feels of nostalgia of the 1989-1995 era, when the genre was sky-rocketing.


Kostas Paganizer Athanasiou
Kostas Paganizer Athanasiou
Thy majesty - our majesty Sole superior evil itself We'll be your instrument and the blade of their damnation

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