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Entrench – Through The Walls of Flesh


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Genre: Blackened Speed / Thrash
Country: Σουηδία
Label: I Hate
Year: 2017

I have been occupied with Entrench – ok, objectively speaking I was busting people’s balls about them – some years ago when they released the excellent “Violent Procreation”. Three years have passed and after many months of silence and no information, those favourite Swedes of mine are back in action with the release of “Through The Walls Of Flesh” through I Hate Records. Entrench is one of those cases that despite the fact that their playing is ballsy and their records are top notch, they were never on the spotlight. They remain known among the family, the usual suspects in every country that are into the underground scene. A shame, really, because Entrench have a lot to offer to those who will pay attention to them. “Through The Walls Of Flesh” does not go astray from Entrench’s usual path offering atrocious, ‘unadaptable’, primitive thrash that brings in mind the golden times of the past. But beware, this is not a retro approach of things, one of the same. This might be a record with Teutonic roots in the song writing department (obvious influence in the guitars – both in playing and sound) and influences from the new Black Thrash of the North that gave birth to bands like Antichrist, Deathhammer, Obliteration in the vocals, but everything has been performed in a unique way from Entrench. With a certain style. Like the genre they serve, this record is characterized by guitars that pop out like razors, with the bass giving the necessary volume and weight. Of course there is a lumberjack on the drums and the vocals are dry, arid, like screams from the hot depths of hell. You might think that you have heard this description before, but no my friend, you owe this to your extreme self, press play, order the record and feel that there are people out there that they still keep it ‘real’, as much as this term sucks.


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