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Epica – The Quantum Enigma


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Genre: Symphonic Metal
Country: The Netherlands
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2014

Sixth album from the Dutch Symphonic metallers, and obviously, in these two years since their last album, they never stopped working, and “The Quantum Enigma” proves it. I dare to say, that “The Quantum Enigma” is their best album, being improved in every single section from the (pretty modest) “Requiem For The Indifferent”. The band seems to know where is heading to, and decided to renew their style that made the band so successful. The rhythm section catch the attention of the listener and does not only support the keyboards, and the guitars, in general, are more dominant than the previous albums, making the album more aggressive, with the keyboards and the orchestra making the album to sound huge. The only exception to this new approach to their sound, are Simone Simons’ vocals, that they are moving in familiar forms, without surprises, something that it’s not necessarily a drawback.

The production is much better than every previous album, something that contributes to their new aggressive sound that Epica aimed at. The band, achieved to keep all the characteristics that made the fans to love them, but on the same time they redefined their sound, not on a large scale that would be capable of making the album sound unfamiliar to their fans’ ears, but as much as it needs to catch their attention again. Experiments like adding Asian music elements, got judged as very successful and my opinion is that the listeners will adore them.

In general, the album is an exciting and breath-taking musical experience! “The Quantum Enigma” will strike you with every element of it, from the instrumentation to how much in-your-face it sounds, and we are glad to realize that as the time goes by, Epica’s members are not resting on their laurels, but they are trying for the best, raising their sound to the next level and showing us why they are considered to be one of the greatest bands of their genre!


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