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Epica – The Solace System


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Genre: Symphonic Metal
Country: The Netherlands
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2017

One year after the release of “The Holographic Principle”, Epica from the Netherlands give to their fans “The Solace System”, which feels more like an oasis, considering their path to decay walked through the previous years in terms of discography. Consisting of 6 tracks, it’s time for them to prove than they can keep their majesty awake and stay at the top of the symphonic metal genre. Both the same titled track and “Fight Your Demons” are huge examples of the band’s true, original sound and what they are capable of. Wonderful orchestral arrangements, choirs, massive drums that combine in such a beautiful way classic music with heavy metal. The same goes for the outro “Decoded Poetry”. The rest of the tracks, “Architect Of Light”, “Wheel Of Destiny” and “Immortal Melancholy” are just one step forward their previous releases and especially the EP’s predecessor, which is more like an indigestive power metal record with a little more-than-usual spices of symphonic and has nothing to do with what the band had created in the first place. The only negative thing about Epica nowadays is Simone’s voice. During their live appearances, its corrosion is quite obvious and unfortunately now at their studio works as well. It’s a fact that the band lost it, somewhere in the middle. Considering how influential “The Phantom Agony” has been since its release, the band rest assured on their capabilities, something that made albums like “Design Your Universe” and “Requiem For The Indifferent” a little boring, while other bands of the same genre were creating masterpieces (Nightwish – Dark Passion Play, Leaves’ Eyes – Njord). So, “The Solace System” is definitely an “oasis in the vastness of doom” and proves that Epica can still create art, just like in 2004.


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