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Eternal Champion: Debut album this September via No Remorse Records


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No Remorse Records proudly presents the first full length album of Eternal Champion that is already completed and scheduled for release during September 2016 on CD and vinyl, under the title “The Armor Of Ire”.

Formed in December 2012, inspired by the epic fantasy of Michael Moorcock and savage, pre-Christian war sagas, featuring members of Graven Rite, Iron Age and Sumerlands, Eternal Champion have released a tape and 7″ single version of “The Last King Of Pictdom” before they join No Remorse Records for the split vinyl and CD release of “Retaliator / Vigilance”, along with their brothers in arms, Gatekeeper.

Listen “Retaliator” below:

“The Armor Of Ire” is produced by Arthur Rizk and the recording line-up is Jason Tarpey (vocals), Arthur Rizk (drums, synthesizers, backing vocals, guitar and bass), Blake Ibanez (guitar), Carlos Llanas (guitar), John Powers (guitar). The cover masterpiece is created by Adam Burke.

1. I Am The Hammer
2. The Armor Of Ire
3. The Last King Of Pictdom
4. Blood Ice
5. The Cold Sword
6. Invoker
7. Sing A Last Song Of Valdese
8. Shade Gate

Eternal Champion will storm the stage of KEEP IT TRUE Festival XX (28 & 29 of April 2017) along with the confirmed bands Manilla Road, Omen, Q5, Ashbury, Medieval Steel, Atlantean Kodex, Night Demon and Visigoth.

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