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Evil Invaders – Pulses of Pleasure


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Genre: Speed Metal
Country: Belgium
Label: Napalm Records
Year: 2015

Speed. Alcohol. Jackets. War.

After the excellent EP the Belgium quartet “Evil Invaders” released in 2013, “Pulses of Pleasure” pops like a bomb. It will be released in late February and it is their first (finally) full length album. “Pulses of Pleasure” will consist of nine songs and will be released in physical format CD and LP.

About the promo, Evil Invaders shared with their audience two video clips “Fast, Loud ‘n’ Rude” and “Pulses of Pleasure”. The first was released in early December 2014, showcasing in the best possible way the upcoming album, counting thousands of views on YouTube from the very first days. “Pulses of Pleasure” was released in mid-January and suddenly in no time, it became the hot potato in heavy metal conversations, greatly increasing the expectations of their followers.

The thing about Evil Invaders is that they meet your expectations. The longer we expected the new release, the higher was our reward for our patience. Unbridled speed, untamed wilderness, huge enthusiasm from the same band, noticeable from the very first note you hear.

Excellent guitar work. Very nice solo during the album in general. Not something tragically pretentious, that “turns you off” or tire you with technicalities and super – extremely –show off. Quite the opposite; everything is measured, valuable, perfect for the kind of playing. Not to mention those high – pitched vocals by Joe that feel like getting suddenly slapped by a mountain; like listening to a mix of John Syriis and Nasty Ronnie.

The first two tracks of the album are the tracks for which they decided to shoot video clips. Whatever you say seems unworthy. This was the best promo they could actually do. Incredible energy and sweeping speeds, in a fully restored and practically advanced genre. “Eclipse of The Mind” is probably the best track of the album, in my opinion. Synthetically it can make any musician envious, especially in the middle of the track, where there is a pause with rhythmic guitars; and suddenly everything goes supersonic. Guitars, drums, mood; an explosion! An exquisite piece from all aspects. “Siren” and “Venom” you might say they are the most “conservative” pieces of the album, animated via classic heavy metal practices. “Stairway To Insanity” also moves in traditionally pattern compositions, yet there are moments when Joe’s scrams imitate the cries of the great teacher, King Diamond. Amazing piece is “Shot To Paradise”, fast, with a guitar solo in the middle as perfect as an oasis in the middle of nowhere. The insanity of the disc completes its circle with “Blinded” and “Master of Illusion”. “Blinded” is a calm, slow introduction to the next track, which may make you think is part of a ballad. All this, until you get to “Master of Illusion”. Turning speeds, a return to the fast pattern we are accustomed to, completing a fantastic drive.

We are talking about a carefully crafted record with ultrasonic sounds that eliminate the parasites lingering wherever you are. Many “romantic” dudes say that heavy metal and especially this type speed metal, has been extinguished long ago and that any new endeavor is far from touching one inch of its old splendor. Yeah, I’m talking about you. I think I feel sorry for you. And above all, to tell you the truth, my fear is that you’ll probably say those things to youthful youngsters and cut their wings.

There is no question whether this record is worth or not checking. The fans of the genre will be amazed; those not that familiar with the genre, may become instant fans.

Well, since all this seems like a manifesto, it’s time to close my mouth and let you enjoy Evil Invader’s fresh video clip for the track “Pulses of Pleasure”:


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