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Evil Invaders – Shattering Reflection


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Genre: Speed Metal
Country: Belgium
Label: Napalm Records
Year: 2022

Speed metal is maybe the most indistinguishable genre, because it is balancing between heavy, power and thrash metal. That’s why the purely speed metal bands that come to mind are not so many compared to other genres. However, the debut album of Evil Invaders “Pulses of Pleasure”, ranked easily in speed metal but stood out mainly because of its quality. The second album “Feed Me Violence” was a logical continuation of the first album. On this year’s third and crucial album “Shattering Reflection”, they seem to be consciously seeking a small change in their sound, which suits them perfectly and seems to open new musical horizons for the future. It goes without saying that the songs with razor – riffs, toxic vocals and frantic rhythms are here again and in fact very good versions of them, like “Hissing in Crescendo” and “Sledgehammer Justice”. The differentiation lies in kind-of-ballad “Forgotten Memories”, but also in the atmospheric “In Deepest Black”. In general, “Shattering Reflection” presents sonic variety in both speed and logic of compositions. Evil Invaders take a risk that ultimately suits them. This diversity in the songs makes “Shattering Reflection”‘s sound even more enjoyable, and makes us forget the long time it took for the album to be released. They present a more mature version of them which keeps the old fans and possibly brings new ones as well.


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