F.O.B. – …and foes have become our masters


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Genre: Melodic Death / Metalcore
Country: Czech Republic
Label: MetalGate
Year: 2015

This review is about F.O.B. ‘s new album “…and foes have become our masters”. It is their 6th full-length and it really made me wonder if it must be placed in the good pieces of music or if it is just ok. Well, let the analysis begin!

The first time I listened to the album I really got bored. I got a little bit disappointed but afterwards I thought that maybe I wasn’t in such a good mood or maybe I was tired and that fact influenced my critical ability negatively. The second time I listened to it I found it better, but I got bored again. I realized that it wouldn’t be an “easy-listening” album, so I decided to concentrate on it and listen to it more carefully, in order to spot the bad elements that made me lose my interest. So I started listening to it again and again…

But, first of all, let’s talk about the album in general terms. You are gonna listen to distorted guitars, fast riffs, harmonics, likable but not very inspired guitar solos, fast double bass drum patterns, beatdowns, rough, brutal vocals but clean vocals as well mainly at refrains. The lyrics are pretty poetic, questioning and depressive. They express pain, existential search and life conclusions such as “suffering builds character” or “those who love too much lose everything, those who love with irony last”. They match the music very well and that fact causes to the listener a feeling of pessimism.

As far as the negative aspect of the album is concerned, I noticed the following features. First of all, I felt that the structure of some songs was too complicated. That fact caused a complete chaos in my brain (from that point of view the artwork is very appropriate and successful!) and made the tracks not catchy at all. Furthermore, when you listen to the tracks you have the feeling that you ‘ve already listened to something similar in the past. In a few words, you are not gonna find anything innovative ideas in it, but this isn’t necessarily bad. In addition, compared with the extremely hard sound of the band, the soft clean vocals contrast sharply and I didn’t like it so much. If the clean vocals were a little bit harsher, I would definitely like it!

On the other hand, the guys are technically good. In my opinion, what they do wrong is that they don’t know how to give prominence to their good music ideas so that the listener finds them out easily. I’m saying that because if you listen the tracks again and again and again, the negative features don’t seem so bad anymore. When you understand the songs’ structure, you start to spot the good stuff. And when you get used to the soft clean vocals, you realize that they make the tracks sound more melodic.

My favorite song is the darkest one (without clean vocals): “In the name of the Good we spread Evil”!But I strongly believe that the hits of the album will be “Sons of Oblivion” and “Debts of Imperfection”.

Is it the force of habit that made me appreciate this album in the end or do we have to do with one of these albums that grows into you the more you are listening to it? This is for you to decide! After all, I don’t have the answer.


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