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Fatal Mutiny – Existence In Extinction (2nd)


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Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Athens Thrash Attack
Year: 2014

 The band from Ioannina comes to take its place among the burgeoning list of neothrash bands, which keep forming the last few years, concurrently with the reunions of older thrash bands. Their sound does not belong to the old school one, but to the sound which evolved in the early 90’s, which is “clearer”, and is also preferred by most bands nowadays. Their music is a mix of Atrophy, Heathen and Coroner, however, with a dissimilarity regarding the vocals, which are more harsh and provocative.

In the matter of the songwriting, what we have here is thrash that varies in speed and tries to be more than straightforward, containing lots of rhythm shifting and riffing, while dedicating plenty of time on guitar solos, which, by the way, are very well crafted. In this manner, they accomplish to give a progressive touch to their songs, together with the “in your face” thrash attitude that is their primary element, as we can figure in the nine minute long “Ligeia” with the non-stop guitar solo, or in “Lament of the Soul” with the storming changes of pace.  These guys seem to be very interested in developing their technical abilities and it wouldn’t be of any surprise if they choose to integrate more progressive forms in their sound hereafter. The album does not lack, of course, aggressive songs fit for headbanging, such as “Bloodlust”, “Existence In Extiction”, “Damage Decontrolled” etc.

Minor problems I detect in this recording is the sound of the bass drum, which with the excessive use of trigger overburdens the sound, as well as the drumming itself that seems at times unable to match harmonically with the rest of the instruments.

It is without question that these lads need to keep working hard on their songwriting in order to reach top-level, still this does not negate the fact that “Existence In Extinction” is a pretty solid debut, capable of satisfying the fans of the genre, coming from a band with great perspective. I look forward of watching them perform live. Until then…..Support your local scene!!!! 3,5/6


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