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Fell Ruin – To The Concrete Drift


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Genre: Black Doom, Sludge Black Death
Country: U.S.A.
Label: I, Voidhanger Records
Year: 2017

A quite interesting release fell upon my hands a few days ago, a release that involves Black Metal, Death Metal, Doom, Sludge and Avant Garde. I admit that I had no prior knowledge of the band – Fell Ruin, hailing from Detroit, Michigan – however a little did that matter, as apart from the album we will be dealing with today (their first full length), the band had only one release, an EP entitled “Devices”, so things were easy. So, coming to Fell Ruin’s full length, the band released “To The Concrete Drift” on March 17th 2017 via I, Voidhanger Records, including five songs with a total runtime of 38 minutes. The whole effort could fall into the Sludge Black Death category, nonetheless the compositions hide pleasant surprises in unexpected places, where Doom, Avant Garde, acoustic passages even have the main role. The instruments used share a great bond and along with the smooth sequence of tracks (internally and externally) and the good production of the album, make “To The Concrete Drift” quite varied and appealing to those who are fascinated by diversity. Heavy swings, breaks in rhythms, jittery screams and witty strikes on drums are the main ingredients in building a pretty bleak and murky atmosphere. Worth the candle!

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