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FreeFall – Cul-de-Sac


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Genre: Old School Death Metal
Country: Greece
Label: D.I.Y.


Freefall… Hmmm. Ok! I’ve got a fresh experience with this band. It’s a band that will blow your mind, especially if you attend one of its gigs. But, let’s cut to the chase.

Their record “Cul-De-Sac” is a very strong and meticulous release. The record consists of 7 tracks and an intro. In general it has some groove at some moments that remind me of Death, but also there are some elements that remind me of Rotting Christ, for example in “All Hopes Collapsed”. To limit the groovy feeling “Mortals Sing to Gods” comes all of a sudden to travel you to Sweden. Same thing happens with the title track “Cul-De-Sac”, which reminds me of Entombed and At The Gates. Perfect combo? HELL YEAH! The record closes with “Behold The Truth”, a rather “heavy” track that maybe at first will sound melancholic, though suddenly it can destroy this feeling and make you bang to the groove with its rhythm and double kicks.

The record has that quality that will make you love it. There are very good ideas on the guitars and the production is solid, whereas the vocals fit perfectly the genre of the record more than anything else.

It’s a strong release and I must admit their performance at Greek Death/Grind Scene Vol. 5 was jaw dropping. Everybody should check it out, especially those who love the old school sounds! You won’t miss!


Vaios Sven
Vaios Sven
Death Metal to the Fucking Bone

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