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Godsmack – 1000hp


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Genre: Alternative Metal/Hard Rock
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Universal/Republic
Year: 2014

It has been four years (“the oracle” had also a difference of four years from the latest album then!) Godsmack released an album and now they show us their sixth record. The Oracle was just good. Let’s see if anything has changed in 1000hp.The uninspired cover (We know sully that you dig cars speed etc etc ok!) is quite banal! It could be a poser metal band’s cover and a bad one. But we can leave the artwork and the hobbies of Sully Erna for a minute and let’s go straight to the music related stuff.

The album begins with “1000hp”, the single of the album.Godsmack show us their version of “Fuel”. Catchy but nothing special. Destined to play this year in a couple of rock clubs. That’s all.”FML” (aka fuck my life!) will begin with an interesting clean intro (the end song ends also with the same clean riff), but again this seems uninspired and a filler.Godsmack give me the impression that they wanted to make an album just because they had time to spare and I can imagine Erna drinking his coffee and saying “I’m bored lets make an album to sell some shit”. The “Something Different” is actually something different. Cool vocal lines and enriched with cello (anyone remembers the solo work of Erna?) will revitalize our interest. Whats next? “Whats next” comes as a punch to remind us that they know how to write quality pieces of modern hard rock that will make your head bang rhythmically and that will make you wanna have a draft beer. It has nice rhythmic riffs that will remind us of their first albums. The “Generation Day” comes with nu metal air. Good piece that evolves in a concert anthem. I wonder why they chose “1000hp” for single and not this for example! Having given us two nice pieces there comes “lock and loaded” that is indeed lock and loaded .The influences of Load-Reload era Metallica is more than obvious to Godsmack (do not tell me that the voice of Erna does not remind you of Hetfield!).”Living in the Gray” is the 7th track and somewhere here with the next “I do not belong” I would say that Godsmack begin to be tiresome. Is that the “Orion” of Metallica playing?So begins the “Nothing comes easy” the rest just does not matter. We said we are getting tired.The next “turning stone” would send me to sleep once and for all with the constant meaningless changes . The torment will end with the “Life is Good” .Yes Erna we know life is good for you in your “crib”. Why do I have to hear such nonsense lyrics and music that you would expect from an American teenager to write trying to get laid!

In conclusion we have the worst album ever released by Godsmack! There are a few good songs and moments, but they are lost in the boring shape of that “Godsmack” sound.We are far away from satisfactory albums “faceless” and “awake” .It’s time to change a little.You can tire up even the most hardcore fan you have.


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