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Graveyard – Peace


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Genre: Hard Rock
Country: Sweden
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year: 2018

Hisingen Blues was able to withstand the challenge of the 10’s, managed to mark them and put around them a certain expectation from the audience through its beautiful melodies and its exquisite influences, however that gesture became the cause of the bands dismantlement. The impact of the improper management of their success brought the dissolution in 2016 despite the two intermediate albums they created. The flame of the band burned its own dynamics. The bar was set so high, but the band’s magic was already damaged. Two members, bassist Rikard Edlund and drummer Axel Sjoberg – the main ingredients of their artistic, and not only, success – as well as the chemistry they had as a group with the remaining ones are now gone. Their previous work Innocence & Decadence did not excite me, but now I do see many signs of recovery. The days that the Swedes were the next big thing are now gone irreversibly. Fortunately, they do not look like wanderers trying to manage any absence of identity or clean targets. I’m not saying that the album was created on a rush. Actually it seems that it has identity and character. Yes, once again we hear the melancholic and potentially progressive touches of the English acts of the ’70s, as well as some parts flirting with the 60’s American scene. Beautifully made, with a country tint and sparsely with a psychedelic note. But there is no Scandinavian aesthetics or folk elements, and the keys that are enriching their sound are the keyboards that sound once again fantastic. I do not know if Peace is Graveyard’s Some Kind Of Monster, or if it will work out beneficially in the long run. Personally, for me it was a convincing album as a listener despite the clear desire to regain the status they had at their beginning, but honestly if they want to get back in that status, obviously they need to put more effort.

Kannibalizing The Astral Plane

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