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Greg Golden Band – Greg Golden Band


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Genre: Hard Rock
Country: USA
Label: Auto-Financed
Year: 2015

It’s a Friday night, somewhere in Athens. A handsome music lover / author enters hastily in the building that houses the sessions of the Association of Hard Rock Addicts Anonymous. The head of the support team greeted him:

– Good evening.

– Good evening Elias, you are late.

– Yeah, I had some work to do, some reviews and got carried away.

– I hope it wasn’t plain Rock. Only Heavy Metal.

– No, guys. Some American power bands, a couple of Doom and a NWOBHM re-issue, since I cut off the blues.

– Thank God. Do you remember what happened last time with that band, ehm… what was its name…?

– Who? King King? No! Are you crazy? Enough with that! I wasn’t able to listen to anything else for two months straight. I won’t fall into that trap again.

– Good. Let us start (turning to the group), who wants to tell us about what he listened to, this last week?

– (All together) Elijah tell us, did you listen to anything good this week?

– Good idea. Tell us Elias, tell us about the metal you listened to this week!

– Ehm … I heard those guys… what’s their name… those guys playing Power…

– Elijah? Is something wrong?

– And those guys playing like Om, one note every twenty minutes…

– Well, you cannot remember what you heard? And now that we’re talking, you’re blushing… You didn’t listen to blues or anything like hard rock, did you?

-Yes, YEEEES (within sobs) I gave in, man, I ain’t no robot…

– Don’t worry, we are here to help you. There is no shame between us, we’ve all gone through this blues – hard rock era, with alcohol and love songs… Oh, Lord, set a guard to my mouth… Talk to the group about the problem, we will help!

– What can I say! I fought nail and teeth to keep myself away from the bar and drink constantly for two months again.

– Hold yourself together, my friend, and keep talking to us…

– It’s not my fault, really. Somewhere I read an interview with Greg Golden saying he was influenced by Hendrix, Robin Trower, Johnny Winter and Jimmy Page. That was my trap… I had to listen for myself.

– And?

– What? The guy keeps it real. He doesn’t play the guitar. He cries with it. We’re talking about real pain. Even the hard rock hits like “Far Away” (which is the record opener) stick to that feeling.

– That good, huh?

– And more! The record is packed with that blues / hard rock guitars, damn it. All the members of the band work miracles! So many great tracks! That “Bad Winter” track is so rhythmic; when you close your eyes you imagine hot chicks with hot shorts and boots rocking to it…

– Come on dude, don’t stop, tell us more!

– It has that «Burning Hearts» bringing Whitesnake of the first era in mind. With “Cherokee”, you imagine a combo of Tesla and old Aerosmith in a more badass / punk version. “Face the Storm” is a power ballad and feels like as if it’s something straight out of the ’80s. Basically all the tracks are epic! Oh, I almost forgot! There’s a cover of “Man on the Silver Mountain”, so should we consider the album a heavy metal one?

 – Elias, good idea! Then we can listen to it in our gatherings… To help you deal with your problem, nothing more…

– Yes, yes, I understand… Get the record playing and go fetch the crates with beer!


Elias Chatzialexis
Elias Chatzialexis
Θέλω να αφιερώσω αυτό το βραβείο στον μπαμπά μου, στη μαμά μου, στη γυναίκα μου και στα παιδιά μου, στον David Coverdale και στους Piledriver. Επίσης εύχομαι Παγκόσμια Ειρήνη, Υγεία και του χρόνου φουντούνια.

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