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Hail Spirit Noir: Released a teaser video for their upcoming new album ‘Eden in Reverse’


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Hail Spirit Noir shared a teaser video for the new album “EDEN IN REVERSE”, which is scheduled for a worldwide release from Agonia Records on JUNE 19th, 2020.

Haris from the band comments on the new album: “This is the album we’ve spent the most time on and also the first album to include our three live members , Foivos Chatzis, Cons Marg and Sakis Bandis on the recordings. We started off doing some experiments without any idea where they could lead to. After the first 3-4 tracks, we realised we were onto something new for the band. We were no longer in the 60s-70s zone but more in the 70s-80s. The songs sounded retro-futuristic and surreal but they were also more prog, psychedelic and challenging than ever. In the lyrics, we re-wrote the story of Eden from a surreal, Richard Dawkins-esque, Darwinian point of view. The result was Eden in Reverse. “

The album was produced and mixed by Dimitris Douvras and mastered by Alan Douches (Sepultura, Motorhead, Nile etc). This is the first time the band includes a guest vocalist. LARS ARE NEDLAND from mighty Borknagar and experimental titans Solefald sings on the track “Crossroads”. Cover art by StuZor / artwork and logo by Nikos Tsiolis Artworks. The teaser video and band photo by Crux Design (Vaggelis Neofotistos).


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