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Hammerfall: release ‘Glory To The Brave – 20 Year Anniversary Edition’ 2-CD/DVD box set


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Swedish legends Hammerfall are re releasing their debut album “Glory To The Brave” 20 years after its initial release. The re-release includes the completely re-mastered version of »Glory To The Brave«, a radio edit of the legendary title track as well as the great cover version of the STORMWITCH classic ‘Ravenlord’.The bonus CD will include six live versions of ‘The Metal Age’, ‘Steel Meets Steel’, ‘Stone Cold’, ‘Glory To The Brave’, ‘Hammerfall’ and ‘The Dragon Lies Bleeding’as well as a medley from numerous live recorded tracks off of their first-class debut album. In addition to this, the double CD will also be enhanced by a bonus DVD containing the first chapters of their »The First Crusade« documentary, which was originally published on VHS, as well as four new, historically edited interview chapters plus a live recording of their Dynamo Open Air show at Eindhoven in 1998.

read Yiannis Kakavas’ Tribute article on Glory To The Brave here

»Glory To The Brave – 20 Year Anniversary Edition« will be released with brand-new cover artwork and is now available for pre-order!
Get your copy here: http://nblast.de/HammerfallGTTB20Years


01. The Dragon Lies Bleeding
02. The Metal Age
03. HammerFall
04. I Believe
05. Child Of The Damned
06. Steel Meets Steel
07. Stone Cold
08. Unchained
09. Glory To The Brave
10. Ravenlord
11. Glory To The Brave (radio edit)

CD2 (bonus) – Live
01. The Metal Age (1998)
02. Steel Meets Steel (1998)
03. Stone Cold (1998)
04. Glory To The Brave (2012)
05. Hammerfall (2012)
06. The Dragon Lies Bleeding (2012)
07. Glory To The Brave Medley (2017)


The First Crusade:
01. Introduction
02. Steel Meets Steel – First Live Show
03. Glory To The Brave – Clip 1
04. HammerFall
05. Steel Meets Steel – Live
06. Glory to the Brave – Clip 2
07. The Making of „Glory To The Brave“
08. Ravenlord – Live (Stormwitch cover)
09. The Metal Age – Live
10. Nominated for the Swedish Grammy Award
11. Stone Cold -Live
12. Interview

Interview 2017:
13. Chapter I: The Early Days
14. Chapter II: The Rockslaget Festival
15. Chapter III: The Album
16. Chapter IV: New Members, Wacken & Touring

Live: Dynamo Festival 1998
17. Child Of The Damned
18. The Metal Age
19. Steel Meets Steel
20. Eternal Dark
21. The Dragon Lies Bleeding
22. Stone Cold
23. HammerFall

Side A
01. The Dragon Lies Bleeding
02. The Metal Age
03. HammerFall
04. I Believe
05. Child Of The Damned
Side B
01. Steel Meets Steel
02. Stone Cold
03. Unchained
04. Glory To The Brave
Side C (Bonus)
01. Ravenlord
02. The Metal Age (live 1998)
03. Steel Meets Steel (live 1998)
04. Stone Cold (live 1998)
Side D (Bonus)
01. Glory To The Brave (live 2012)
02. Hammerfall  (live 2012)
03. The Dragon Lies Bleeding  (live 2012)
04. Glory To The Brave – Medley (live 2017)


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