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Harakiri For The Sky – Arson


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Genre:Post/Black Metal
Country: Austria
Label: Art of Propaganda
Year: 2018

I admit my soft spot for Harakiri For The Sky that first appeared when I listened to III:Trauma, but in no way would I let my feelings be influenced so much as to take their new attempt in with enough tolerance, even as a form of disillusion, to convince myself that it is of great importance to take this release seriously. Even from the first notes of ”Fire, walk with me” I felt the fire going through my body and burning my already departed soul… I already knew, I was sure about what was going to follow. Here we see clearly the power of musical art. Harakiri For The Sky’s music is overflowing with pain, sorrow, despair and the endless agony of death, but it is impossible not to adore it. Listening to ”Tomb Omnia” and to ”The Grave We’ve Dug” I contemplate, I feel that instant excitement of the approach of death that sublime music offers, making death desirable and presenting it as the greatest relief from this world, however not as an end, but as a beginning of a new real world. Arson’s music overrides the world of appearances, moves away from it and makes human one with nature, namely God!

All the songs in that record, except form the incredible “Manifesto” (Bonus Track) that has the presence of splendid female vocals, are long in duration, but structured with strict simplicity, in a perfect fashion even at the slightest detail, so as everything to work perfectly in the totality of the musical composition making the listener to want the music go on forever as it unfolds to eternity. Earthly, finite notions don’t have a place in this infinite musical set, only images can approach it, symbols that the mind can understand, like those of nature that you come across with awe and wisdom. When you listen to ”You are the scars” or ”Voidgazer” is like listening to countless desperate voices talking through heavenly melodies and disclosing things that only Gods know and one drop of this ecstatic music is enough to enter your soul and make it turn its gaze in such a creation and say: It is perfect!


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