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Harakiri For The Sky: ‘Mad World’ (Tears for Fears cover) music video


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For the 10th anniversary of their debut album, Austrian post-black metallers Harakiri For The Sky, are going to release their two first albums fully re-recorded, on December 9th via AOP Records. Check the new cover artworks and the tracklists of these releases below.

‘Harakiri For The Sky MMXXII’ tracklist:

1. Lungs Filled with Water
2. 02:19 AM, Psychosis
3. From Yesterday to Ashes
4. Drown in My Nihilism
5. Dancing on Debris

‘Aokigahara MMXXII’ tracklist:

1. My Bones to the Sea
2. Jhator
3. Homecoming: Denied!
4. 69 Dead Birds for Utøya
5. Parting
6. Burning from Both Ends
7. Panoptycon
8. Nailgarden
9. Gallows (Give ‘Em Rope)
10. Mad World (Tears for Fears cover)

The group now presents the new music video for the song ‘Mad World’ (Tears For Fears cover):

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