Hasta La Victoria Siempre: Dirty Dozen 2023


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1. PRIMORDIAL – How It Ends

“…Primordial’s music is so deeply human, so warm and alive, like an ending that means there was a beginning and a middle, a circle of life that was worth it. An awakening of the senses and emotions. Well done!…” George Kallinis

Primordial – How it Ends


2. SWORN – A Journey Told Through Fire

“…Great and fitted blast beats dresses the brilliant riffs that often have this characteristic melodic tremolo. The song structure is marvelous, all 7 songs are lengthy; more than 6 minutes long and sets the listener to a trippy mood as the word “journey” in the title is the perfect one to describe this soundscape Sworn have crafted so perfect here. Killer melodies and memorable tunes some acoustic passages when things turn a bit slower, with Calamity Sea and The Forsaken lifting the whole album in its entirety, as they are probably the best moments of a tight record with fresh ideas and incredible production from Dan Swano that let all instruments to equally shine giving a beautiful result that should be added to your fav lists of the year!…Nikos Giak Nakos

Sworn – A Journey Told Through Fire

3. INSOMNIUM – Anno 1696
4. JAG PANZER – The Hallowed
5. ENSLAVED – Heimdal
6. WAYFARER – American Gothic

“…The pointed song writing is based on powerful lyrics, barrage of riffs, gloomy melodies and a dismal narration that captures perfectly the dust, the sweat, the blood and the gunpowder that the American land is watered down and flavors the stories of its people.

 “What we have now is a world full of oil drillers, and railroad barons. Cattle thieves and company men. This is the new American Gothic.”…” Giorgos Tsekas

Wayfarer – American Gothic

7. BLACKBRAID – Blackbraid II
8. OVERKILL – Scorched
9. ATAVISTIA – Cosmic Warfare
11. THE CIRCLE – Of Awakening
12. HANGING GARDEN – The Garden

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