Hasta La Victoria Siempre: “True North” by Borknagar


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I hear the greater beauty and deeper richness that True North’s music has on the inside. I transform with it, into love, into fire, into magic. I imagine, or at least try to imagine, the orgasm of the artist’s senses during the overall structure of this musical work and the intensity of his emotions at the time of creation. With great respect, I’m referring to BORKNAGAR and the messages they send with the release of their new album True North, as I experienced them emotionally and continue to experience them with every listen.

The ultimate purpose of BORKNAGAR’s music with True North is to express with harmony of the sounds, the innermost thoughts of existence, to release the inertness of the spirit from the scope of the earth’s atmosphere and to unite man with nature, eschewing the theory of individualization. Pure, clear music, spiritually expressed, and with mysticism as a companion it saunters along an evolutionary course. Considering that the arts have a metaphysical meaning and that the art of music excels above all other arts, it is reasonable to perceive metaphysics as a dominant element of the music in True North. BORKNAGAR sing of nature and its perpetual tendency to progressively change from season to season. BORKNAGAR sing of the intoxicating transition, from the fierce spring blossom of nature, to the fury of windstorms and thunder spells, revealing their emotional influences from that season: Up North, Into the white, Thunderous. BORKNAGAR sing and their songs seek and promise happiness and eternal peace. Incredible music, beautifully resonating, beyond mountains, forests and seas.

BORKNAGAR sing of life and its existential issues, on an endless musical journey, eager with every step, with every note, pursuing a destination into the souls of the gods and into the fresh air of boundlessness. Harmonically structured compositions, effective dominating melodies, alternating rhythms, a variety of color shades and contrasts that express meanings deeper than this surface world we live in. Harmony is the part of the music that is not analyzed, the harmony in the successive tonal divergences of the compositions, is the part of the music of True North that cannot be explained except by the Eternal Divinity of Nature! Deep in my soul, True North occupies a special place in the list of great works in the metal scene that remain unchanged over the years! Through the intoxication of this creation we feel alive, we are happy!

PS.Vortex’s presence was divine, I would describe it as unique!

The above text simply expresses the personal emotional excitement of listening to this particular album. Great music creations stand above and beyond evaluation processes, without the need for confirmation, especially from someone who is not a musician.

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