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Haunt – Beautiful Distraction


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Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.Α.
Year: 2021
Label: Church Recordings

Productivity of Trevor William Church with Haunt is astonishing. These guys released 6 albums since 2018, with 3 of them being released within the same year (2020). No worries whatsoever for Trevor, despite he haven’t yet managed to hit new songs on stage. Even for the 80’s, this could have been a surprise. Let’s hope that all this dedication and productivity will turn in favor of the band. For those who follow Haunt, let me say that “Beautiful Distraction” is a fine sample of their work. Another record full of heavy metal excellence. Haunt’s cherry on top after all is their 70’s hard rock elements here and there. Melodies of that period are harmonically mixed with all heavy metal parts. Old school to the bone. Trevor’s vocals, objectively, are not at a top level technically, but yet again they have an intense melancholic and nostalgic tone, that couldn’t fitting more perfectly to band’s new material. In general, he sticks into the music style that suits him best. His continuous releases are not to be judged negatively, since all records so far are consider being equally good. The album ends up with re- releases of “Hearts on Fire”, and “It’s in My Hands”. “Beautiful Distraction” is more than worthy listening to. For those haven’t checked them out yet, you should start either with this new record, or with any previous one. Definitely, in my opinion, Haunt can catch up with one more record within 2021. Will see.


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