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Haunt – Mind Freeze


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Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label:Shadow Kingdom Records
Year: 2020

Who the fuck is Trevor William Church? Is he the new messiah? Do we need him to play this role or are can we just be for once restrained and reasonable and just enjoy the music? As his band Haunt, has already 3 studio albums, 2 EP’s and 2 split single with Fortress and Seven Sisters, and besides that he is involved also in Hysteria’s “Night Closing In” (2017) and 6 EP’s and 2 studio full length with Beastmaker, you can clearly see that we are dealing with a musician that in less than 6 years (please mark that all these releases are written and recorded after 2015) has already a large number of discs in his career! “Mind Freeze” has many similarities with their debut “Burst Into Flame” (2017) and that makes me think that Church tries to make a restart, now that he has finally a steady line-up and Haunt is no more to be considered as a one man band. All compositions have this late 70’s-early 80’s aura and the Riot meets Maiden meets Def Leppard feeling. The guitar work is almost excellent, and the only thing that I think that is the Achilles’ heel is the vocal lines, that it may be well written, but Trevor Church’s vocal skills are rather weak. “If Icarus Could Fly” their previous release was out before less than a year, something that makes “Mind Freeze” either sloppy or Trevor rather too confident for his material. As I have heard too many times the album in its entirety I lean on the second hypothesis. They have the songs, they have the potential, the vision, the riffs. They need a better singer, that will make them enormous, but even if they stay with Trevor behind the mic, they will definitely be one of the names that will keep us busy for a long time in the future. One of the best hybrids of old-school with a new dynamic out there, don’t miss it! Check: “Light The Beacon”, “Divide And Conquer” and “Have No Fear”.



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