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Head Cleaner split w/Progress of Inhumanity


Genre: Death Metal/Grindcore
Country: Greece
Label: Screaming Victims Records
Year: 2014

Head Cleaner/Progress of inhumanity…let’s take the things one by one and I’m starting from the north with Head Cleaner from Thessaloniki…

They are arguably the most powerful band of the death/grindcore scene in Greece, wait a minute, there is no other band in Greece playing this style, so I’m changing determination immediately…its one of the most powerful bands in the death/grindcore scene GENERALLY! Started in 2002, they have released three full length albums, one mini cd, one vinyl 7inch, a four way split cd and here we are now…

All the previous productions of H.C. had something very characteristic, the very well crafted sound. But here the things are out of control, the whole sound is a mixture of new school with incredible oldschool aesthetics from 1990-1995 eras, a time when ONLY diamonds were coming out of the death/grind scene. The compositions are NOT copy-paste from any old grind veterans and have their own identity, marked by the characteristic stamp of Kostas “Grinder”. The sound of the guitars has the frequency spectrum as it should, as they are incredibly crafted in the vein of the compositions. While they have the appropriate mass sound as all riffs sound very clear, at least for the ears of those that we are listening this kind of music, for the rest we don’t care at all after all. The way the guitars are playing reminds me a lot the british death/grind school, something that is really rare in our days…

The drums … what to say, here we are not talking about a good and proper drumming, here we are dealing with absolute power, snare in perfect tune drumbeat cymbals and the rest of percussions in complete harmony and realistic (not new plastic sound), as Billy has reached levels of all these titans of grind drumming worldwide (and I’m being very strictly, I could say even many more about his way of playing…)
Bass, yes, there is a clear sounding bass! Something that is also very rare in this style of music, is visible properly played, Leyteris is NOT a walk-on who just fills the whole production!

And I left the throat for the end. Mitch is a “special case” of voices. His complexion is almost unique, those who remember him from the old Homo Iratus understand very well that this man always knew how to sing. I don’t think anyone else in the scene sounds like him. The low vocals are a pure raw roaring and have a perfect connection with some, if I can describe them like that, industrial vocals in some parts inside the tracks.

Seven songs, which I wish they were twenty-seven, from the most devastating band in Greece, standing proudly next to all the bands of death/grind, they are one of the best things I have listen in 2014, end of story!

Of course I have to write something for the “fifth” member of the band, Stelios “Stelth” Koslidis who is responsible for this awesome sound production. I think he touched a very high level this time! Well done!!!


Leonidas Douras
Leonidas Douras
My name is called religion, sadistic, sacred whore.

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