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Head Cleaner: Will be in Obscene Extreme 2015


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As the promoters of Obscene Extreme announced: “The death/grind grinder from Greece called HEAD CLEANER produces a high-quality and technically complex mosh similar to the production of the giants of Napalm Death from the last decade. HEAD CLEANER is not a bunch of newcomers though but experienced veterans of Greek death/grind scene, who have released a vast number of quality recordings.
The latest one being a split LP with Progress of Inhumanity. This squad will certainly be welcome as another genre stalwart at the next year Obscene Extreme!!!” OBSCENE EXTREME 2015 will take place in TRUTNOV/ CZECH Republic at 8 – 12 of July, 2015.

Vaios Sven
Vaios Sven
Death Metal to the Fucking Bone

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