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Heads For The Dead: Announce New Album + New Song “The Jewel of the Seven Stars” Premiere


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Here’s a statement from the band about the new Heads For the Dead album “The Great Conjuration 2022 (Transcending Obscurity Records).
“Horror maniacs and Death Metal freaks, it’s time to raise the blades again!
We basically started with the songwriting and recordings right after finishing the “Slash ‘n’ roll” MLP in late 2020. Picking up the energy and using the pandemic related gap to unleash some creative energy along with fresh inspirations from more horror related movies and literature. During the writing process we’ve already realized that “The Great Conjuration” will become heavier again and it guides us more back to our Death Metal basics. On the one hand you have movie soundtrack related elements as well among atmospheric soundscapes, but predominant are this time the overall brutal Metal chunks. We have picked up long – time friend Matt Moliti from US Deathers Sentient Horror as a full scale member to pick up all solo guitar duties. His talents really pushed the limits and helped us to expand a few more elements from classical Metal songwriting, too. Unfortunately our former drummer and friend Ed Warby had to take a break from HEADS FOR THE DEAD due to personal private life matters, so Jonny’s comrade from the UK and drummer from Wombbath Jon Rudin stepped in. Jon fulfilled the curse in an excellent way and added an extra brutal mark to these new songs. The album is once again mixed and mastered by Jonny Pettersson himself at Studio Unbound in Sweden. For the album artwork we’ve hired the duties of US based Extreme Horror artist and author Corey DeAn Cowley, who already made an impact for her work with former Mayhem members based band ORDER. The idea was to create an artwork that summons the demons of the classical 80ies horror vibe. For the settings and illustrational work we have hired the duties of respected underground artist THE ART OF BADIC. Well maniacs, “The Great Conjuration” has begun! Beware since the horror never stops!!! Enjoy!!!”
Ralf Hauber / HEADS FOR THE DEAD 2022
Listen to a brand new song from the album here:

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