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Heads for the Dead – Slash ‘n’ Roll


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Genre: Death Metal
Country: United Kingdom / Germany (early); Sweden / Germany / Netherlands (later)
Label: Transcending Obscurity
Year: 2021

Heads for the Dead’s sophomore release, Into the Red, was excellent and the band tried to keep their name hit and recorded an EP entitled Slash ‘n’ Roll inspired by Horror Movies and probably focusing on US market and the Halloween( The review was written before 31 of October even though the EP is out on 5th of November a week after the Halloween! ). So what we’ve got here is actually three brand new tracks all inspired by Horror classics, and two covers. Their first track Maniac is a pure Swedish Death metal Armageddon, Halloween is a tribute to Michael Meyers as you all can clearly see with the use of the synth them of the movies soundtrack while their third track ‘The Think’ being the finest moment of the EP in which again the synths create a soundtrack atmosphere and an 80’s aura blended with the death/thrash riffs. The first cover is on Misfits classic “Skulls” originally on 1986’s and the second is on Ramona dark hit Pet Cemetary. Both covers are close to the originals but well executed and given with an a la Entombed ferocity. A fun to hear and I can easily guess that was also fun to create EP that will keep their fans busy until their 3rd strike that I believe that will come as soon as possible, probably in 2022. ‘Slash ‘n’ Roll’ with the excellent artwork cover designed by the Catalunian locos in Branca Studio is out through Transcending Obscurity.

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