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Kyttaro club tends to see me more than my wife does (I can hear you saying ‘’Lucky guy’’, shame on you!!). Especially during this hellish weekend with Up the Hammers Festival and Heavy Metal Assault, when I actually considered of transfering to Athens my voting rights. But enough with the jokes, let’s just cut to the chase… (hungry again).

Heavy Metal Assault’s first act was ACID FALLS from Salamina. Never heard of them so had no idea what to expect. Considering the music taste of my friend Greg, I thought it would be another classic heavy metal band or maybe power or epic. But that was not the case… Greg tends to surprise me as he grows older (always in a good way). Not that there were not plenty of classic metal elements in their music, that was not just it. Well it certainly worth listening to their songs on Youtube; you will find some really good ones there. Mixing metal with hard rock and even doom elements, but not making a mess out of it, all their songs are rather great! And their live performance truly delightful. The singer has a great voice and they actually seem to be very close as a band, indicating that in addition to good musicians, they have made countless rehearsals, though I don’t think they played lots of lives shows; however it was like watching a band playing in a bar on daily bases. And to be honest with you, I think that would actually suit them best… I’m getting excited even by thinking about it. Actually, well done to the chaps!

Next band to appear was GAUNTLET. Now that was a success for me! Judging by their name and by proving it themselves on stage, the band played epic heavy metal. Their performance was really a good one, cheering up the crowd who seemed to enjoy their music. They were great in executing their tracks and the singer’s voice suited their style. Their compositions followed the norm of the genre; nothing jaw – dropping, yet nothing too tedious. Foretaste was good.

Angelo Perlepe’s MYSTERY. What should I say? Well this is going to be tough but that’s a no. I am so sorry but… I remember of how much I enjoyed their debut album when it came out, which was one of the best melodic hard rock albums of that time. I even remember that in most of their albums there were songs which I actually liked. But no matter how much of it I can recall, their performance erased everything from my mind. I’m going to tell you something that every person who attends the live shows of this specific venue, Kyttaro club, already knows: For someone to achieve in having a crappy sound when playing at that venue, has to do entirely with his deed and not the club’s. You’ve got to really try hard to do so. Also when you are such an experienced musician and so many gigs on your back, it’s not acceptable to have such a sound. I’m sorry but that’s not acceptable.

Time for Mindless Sinner; a classic case of decent, honest Swedish band of the 80’s. All their releases were good (yeah, even that poser stuff they released as Mindless). And their performance? Well If I had to compare them with a band of this era, I would say that Mindless Sinner was the Enforcer of the 80’s. Horny as hell, flawless; an alliance between Greece and Sweden. One of the best live sets I actually enjoyed lately. Which kind of reminds the time somewhere in the 90’s where some of  us used to bring their records to bazaar’s  to trade them and nobody even wanted to touch them. Thank God for Youtube! I really enjoyed seeing young people knowing and singing their songs passionately.

And finally we get to the main course: Tytan. A band I was yearning to watch all of my life. A dream coming true… I saw Tytan perform live. I still cannot believe it. Not only were they good, not only were they flawless. They kicked ass. The frontman, Kevin Riddles, was entrusted with the difficult task of finding new musicians capable of filling the shoes of the Holy Monsters were part of the band in its short life during the 80’s and discover the singer that would be able to bear the burden being compared with one of the best singers that ever came from G.B., Kal Swan. And he did it. They blew our brains out (I can’t think of a better way to put it). Kev was obviously trying to keep it together and not burst into tears, feeling both happy and moved, as he witnessed the crowd going crazy. I can’t say which song stood out; they were all perfectly executed. I just want to share with you that at “The Watcher” and “Blind Men and Fools” I began headbanging as if I was a youngster again. No need for gym or diet, this is the solution for the middle aged metalhead to revive: watch Tytan play live. I must point this… those who dig the band and did not show up at the show….TOO BAD FOR THEM! This gig was not to be missed, for me it was one of the those moments I never want to forget. I wish to see them again soon! Even though the American is my favorite scene, The British have a class of their own.


Elias Chatzialexis
Elias Chatzialexis
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