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Hellenic Metal Army festival, Vol. 1 Saturday 13-09, @Stage, Larissa


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Enemy Closer
War Device
Dark Nightmare

Saturday happens to be the best day of the week, at least for the people lucky enough to work 5 days. When you can combine this day with a powerful gig and a trip to Larissa, the prospects become even better. And this prospect blasts off the sky if you visit the nearby tavern for some warm-up and a nice chat.
OK, enough with my delirium. Apparently, you don’t have a mood for reading an elementary school essay about how I spent my weekend. Normally I shoyld have already started to write about the bands, their performance, the fans and the music… Well, you are wrong! The gig’s sound was below the average requirements of such an event, so what can I write. Especially, when I have to review some bands, that I hadn’t the chance to watch in the past, like Enemy Closer and War Device. Whining isn’t going to help anywhere and nobody like it, but the matter of sound in a gig is essential. Anyway, I’ll try to be as accurate as possible.

After 21.00, Enemy Closer appeared on the stage. Their set was rather short, about 20 minutes, so it is difficult to express an opinion. They were full of energy, though, even if most of the crowd was outside the gig. Their music was something like thrashcore, but I have my hesitations about that, since the bad sound was preventing me of understanding further details.

Next band, and well-known in the area, Storrmbringer from Volos. Their music is heavy/power with some epic elements. Well-rehearsed and experienced, they performed songs from both their full-length album and their more recent EP. A good and interesting performance, but a little bit static on the stage. I don’t know if they were affected by the sound, but I am sure I have seen these guys performing much looser and cooler on stage.

I was looking for a chance to watch War Device from Serres. I had heard some good comments and reviews, even though they were formed only two years ago. Their performance at “Stage” happened to confirm these rumors. Devastating old-school thrash metal, 80s style and attitude, merciless headbanging. They also played a “thrashy” performance of “Cirlcle of the Tyrants” by Celtic Frost and a cover of “Under the Guillotine” by Kreator, so you can clearly understand their influences! I hope to meet them again, soon.

Headliners of the evening, Dark Nightmare ladies and gentlemen. We are used to great live appearances by them, so my main interest was centered on the performance of a new (yet untitled) song. The bad sound again, surely, had deprived me of the opportunity to make safe conclusions, but the song was very close to their latest album’s – Beneath the Veils of Winter – feeling and specifically to its more “personal” moments. During their set of course, the usual panic prevailed, since Dark Nightmare have made a lot of fans with their talent and their consistency. Their set included: “The battlefield calling my name”, “beneath the veils of winte”, “hawks of war”, “despair and hope”, “are we free”, “bloodland”, “planked souls of sorrow”, “new song”, “voyage”, “invaders”, “defenders of the borderland”,”dragonlakes”.

I left some bitching for the end, too. Low attendance made a bad impression. Some 60 people are way too few for a city like Larissa, in a festival with good local bands and a low ticket (e.n. 5 euros at pre-sale – 8 at the counter). Guys, we have to support such events, especially in the region, or else we will be back at the misery of past decades.

"Μoderation does not necessary mean open-mindness".

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