Heretoir: Unveil details on new album


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Post metallers Heretoir revealed the cover artwork and tracklist of their second full-length album “The Circle”.

The 65-minute journey “The Circle” deals with the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Once again the cover was created by the magnificent hands of french artist Fursy Teyssier (Les Discrets) and perfectly visualizes the concept and the atmosphere of the album. “The Circle” furthermore features guest vocals by Alcest mastermind Neige.

“The Circle” will be released through Northern Silence Productions in March 2017.  Information on all of the available formats will follow soon!

The tracklist of “The Circle” reads as follows:

1. Alpha
2. The White
3. Inhale
4. Golden Dust
5. My Dreams Are Lights In The Sky
7. Exhale
8. Eclipse
9. Laniakea Dances (Soleils Couchants) – feat. Neige of Alcest
10. Fading With The Grey
11. The Circle (Omega)

Thanos Mitras
It's got to be emotional,extremely fast or incredibly slow.
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