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Hjortene – Hjortene


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Genre: Ηeavy/Acid/Desert/Stoner/Forest Rock
Country: Denmark
Label: Walden Rekords
Year: 2014

“In California the desert influenced the desert rockscene, in Denmark we have forests so we play forest fuckin’ rock!” That’s what the band is stating in their homepage (almost!).

All of you who worship Wrench and Blues for the Red Sun (Kyuss), Eleven the hard way (Planet of Zeus), California Crossing (Fu Manchu), Queens of the Stone Age, Masters of Reality, boogie and pounding rhythms, doom riffs and psychedelic jams you have to listen to this album. For the rest of you I will only mention that Mr. Lorenzo Woodrose from Baby Woodrose, Mr. Valient himself from Valient Thorr and President Fetch featured in three songs – not bad for a debut album (they also have an EP and a split with Omar). The lyrics change from English to Danish and vice versa, but I have to admit that the Danish language kind of fits surprisingly well to the concept of stoner!30 minutes of exploding material followed by a trippy hallucinating 9 minutes ending song… you can’t avoid the repeat button.



Sometimes With Frøst In My Keyboard, Sometimes With Sand. Πότε Στα Χιονισμένα Βουνά, Πότε Στη Καυτή Άμμο. https://www.facebook.com/HellenicMetalCluster

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