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Hogslayer – Defacer


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Genre: Sludge Metal
Country: Wales
Label: Undergroove
Year: 2015

“Hogslayer” along with their hunting trophies brought us straight from the Wales’ woodlands their second full-length recording effort “Defacer” via “Undergroove” and it truly tore our faces off.

Mud…Pure, dirty and full of humidity. Right after some of the most horrifying screams you’ve ever heard of in “Slowhawk” the downfall begins. Here comes 40 minutes of merciless riffing (see the main riff on “Burn them out”), thick layers of distortion and bass. The breakdown in the last minutes of “Bludgeon” makes exactly my point, as you’ll see. In this particular LP “Hogslayer” obviously don’t re-invent the wheel, but manage to revive a type of sludge metal that’s been really missed, away from the stoner-doom plague, with many influences from the “Neurosis” sludge-doom approach and “Depress”-era “eyehategod” bad-assery. The songwriting might not surprise you much in terms of innovation, but the good song structures, quality riffing and freezing atmosphere of the record combined with its heavy and dirty sound in the perfect amount definitely makes up for it.

In other words “Defacer” is an honest, well-executed, noisy and traditional sludge metal album every sludger should give a listen.


Thanos Mitras
Thanos Mitras
It's got to be emotional,extremely fast or incredibly slow.

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