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Horncrowned – Defenatus (Diabolus Adventus)


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Genre: Black Metal
Country: Colombia
Label: Ketzer Records
Year: 2014

Storming black metal in the vein of Dark Funeral, Setherial and Marduk. The Swedish black metal school dominates here! Even though so far away in the tropical and warm city of Bogota in Colombia, this band doesn’t have lots of differences than their Scandinavian agonists/comrades. They exist since 2001 and concerning their LPs the first one entitled “The rise of Satan’s artillery” came out in 2003, the second album entitled “Satanic Armageddon” in 2006 (mastered by Necromorbus Studio – Sweden) and due to some good distribution, it placed them in the world map of the metal scene. The third album “Casus Beli Antichristus” came out in 2009 by the German label: Ketzer records. They have since released split albums, Eps and a live album. In their 14 years of existence they’ve shared the stage with several bands as Dark Funeral, Marduk, Belhpegor, Monstrosity, Malevolent Creation and more in various concerts and festivals.

Enterning 2014, they released “Defenatus (Diabolus Adventus)”. Another release for Ketzer Records. The mixing was done by Phogarth of Enthroned, the mastering from Laszlo Zsolt and the apocalyptic cover from Kontamination Design. A very aggressive and fast album! The drums are a bit buried in the mix and they sound chaotic (especially the snare drum), they are nevertheless hyper fast! The guitars sound like ripping razors and the vocalist spits fire! The mix of the album could have been a little bit more clear i believe, generally speaking the whole sonic result is a little bit chaotic. This isn’t necessarily bad since the result is what the bands wants it to be. Chaotic , blasphemous black metal war! There are no big differences between the songs, long lead riffs, blast beats in the 4/5 of the album except 1-2 mid tempo parts with never-ending double bass on the drums though! All of the tracks are in the same vein. There is a general feeling that the band is repeating themselves from track to track and you can feel a little bit tired after 10 songs and 46 minutes (that’s the record’s duration). The dark, “out of this world sounding” Intro and Outro have been written by Fr.Kerval 111 who is known for his dark ambient / ritualistic projects, even contributing for the band Acherontas.

In conclusion the album is a simple release worthy of a European band release in the 90s. A better production would count more for my tastes. The band complies with all the “conditions” of their musical genre, without experimentations and changes in style and i think that they do that well!


Thrash, Mosh, Beer!

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