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Human Serpent – Inhumane Minimalism


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Genre: Black Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Self Mutilation/Nebulal Winter
Year: 2015

Human Serpent from Lamia, only a few months after the tremendous «The Gradual Immersion in Nihilism» announced the release of their second full-length album, which will be released in early summer and will be called «Inhumane Minimalism». And if the debut astonished you, their new work will blow your brains out!

Merciless black metal – from the first second of «The World In Coffins» until the last of «Mother Of Depression» – with a few parts of a «relaxing blackness» (culminating in the slow-moving riff at the end of «Messiah For Parasites» and the entire «The Lament»), the guitars share generously «frozen» riffs, coming from the darkest dreams of Human Serpent, and the drums are «shooting» ruthlessly. X.’s vocals once again reflect the hatred and express perfectly the feelings of nihilism and misanthropy that are hidden in his soul, and gives you a journey to the void. The band’s passion is still soaring, while the production is a step above the debut – it was more «clean» than needed – so now and with the necessary «decay» the result is more than good, and the two songs I liked more are the «The World In Coffins» and the «Decay».

At the time of writing this review I am listening the album for the fourth time, with the excuse to decrypt it (but the truth is that I can’t stop). If you like cute music do not listen this album. «Inhumane Minimalism» is for minds that know how to think and can afford the hatred of these two people for anything stupid the human race expresses.


(only because I know that their next work will be even better)

Kostas Koutsiaridas
Kostas Koutsiaridas
"Since now I name you under our cult..."

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