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Ηypnotic Nausea – The Death of All Religions


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Genre:Heavy Rock/Stoner/Post-Rock
Country: Greece
Label:Ikaros Records
Year: 2019

When four years ago Hypnotic Nausea’s first album was released, entitled ‘Hypnosis’, many editors put categorized them under the Stoner label, which its Greek scene was on the rise. But this limits a band that mixes several components to bring out both personal sound and personality. This is something that was solemnly confirmed in their live appearances. There is no need to say anything more about it, whoever has seen them, understands and whoever has not seen them, will understand it when it does so, on its own.

As in their debut, their base is heavy rock but with a strong tendency to experiment. This practically means that at The Death of All Religions you will hear post-rock and psychedelic parts as well as electronic elements. Their music is seafaring and ideal to create images. This automatically means that it appeals to an audience more familiar with such sounds as their music is neither catchy, nor simple, nor digestible. But the listener, who will invest his time on the album, will be rewarded with a great record. The album is thematic once again.

It deals with the issue of the religious elite and how it affects a society, with the ultimate goal of complete spiritual enslavement. ‘The Death of all Religions’ will satisfy his group friends and why not, he will create new ones. Those who like these sounds have a reason more to get the album in physical form. In addition to the excellent artwork, vinyl will be accompanied by a 24-page comic book that will tell the story of the concept.


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