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Impalement: New Album Announcement ‘The Dawn Of Blackened Death'


Swiss Black/Death Metallers IMPALEMENT proudly announce their sophomore full-length, entitled “The Dawn Of Blackened Death”.

The follow-up to 2020’s highly acclaimed debut “The Impalement” will be self-released on October 27th 2023 on CD, LP and digitally on all relevant platforms. It was recorded by Jens “Pestilence“ Förster at AMP Studios in Duisburg, Germany and mixed & mastered by Andy Classen (Stage One Studios). The cover artwork was crafted by Carlos “Black Shadows“ Aguilar.

“The Dawn Of Blackened Death” was completely written and composed by founder Beliath and provides 7 tracks of IMPALEMENT’s unique blend of Death and Black Metal – heavy riffing, brutal intensity as well as aesthetic melodics.

The band will promote their new album on the “Fear The Eternal Return”-Tour in November/December 2023, joining forces with Gorgoroth.

“IMPALEMENT is forged out of True Metal’s Passion combined with Death Metal’s brutality and Black Metal’s profound soul!” – Beliath


  1. The HerdMarchesOn
  2. Dawn Of Blackened Death
  3. Legio Nihil
  4. The Old Ones
  5. Will To Power
  6. Death To The Gods
  7. ChosenBy Tragedy

Line-up / Studio:

Beliath – Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Torturer – Drums
Line-up / Live:
Beliath – Vocals, Guitar
Raptus – Guitar
Nekroking – Bass
Frostbitten – Drums

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