Impenitence – Monuments of Contempt


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Genre: Death Metal
Country: Bulgaria
Label: Self released
Year: 2016

Impenitence is a band originated in Sofia (which seems to have plenty of interesting bands lately), from our neighbor country Bulgaria. A brutal death metal machine with lots of prog-y elements. Even though they’ve been around since 2007, this is their debut album and release. The recordings and the mixing were done in Sofia, while the mastering was done by Alan Douches (Converge, Mastodon, Deicide, Hate Eternal). The album sounds great, without being over-polished and “plastic”. The songs sound like there’s a lot of work done behind them. Even though they are 12, you’re not going to get tired easily and there are tons of ideas in the guitars that make each song sound unique and it keeps you focused in its entirety. Especially the way the rhythm section ties up with the guitars, makes it extraordinary. Raging riffs that burst out aggression fill up every minute on this album. The drums are literally killing it and sound-wise they are the cherry on the top on this devastating audible storm. Nonstop blasting at a machine gun pace and a couple of relaxing moments on the mid-tempo parts. If I had to mention influences, I would suggest bands like Hate Eternal, Spawn of Possession, Vader and Deeds of Flesh maybe. The prog element is everywhere in this album, without them being a technical death metal band. I believe that they have found a perfect balance between some of the death metal sub-genres and this “recipe” pays out well. Personally, if this record was to be released somewhere in central Europe or the U.S. I believe that there would have been a lot of attention drawn to these guys and we would hear a lot about them. Maybe that’s just a personal opinion. Let’s support them on their first release because it is totally worth it. What we have here is a very powerful album!


Thrash, Mosh, Beer!

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