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Inferno – Peklo Na Zemi / Temná Poselství Dávných Předků


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Genre: Black Metal
Country: Czech Republic
Label: Nigredo Records & Bestial Invasion Records
Release: April 2021

Each country’s music scene usually has special characteristics that are difficult to reproduce abroad, thus creating “generations” of bands that follow the same patterns. In the case of the Czech Republic, Black Metal has a specific tone color and a monolithic dimension that is perfectly clear to the trained listener. There are many examples, but this time we will turn our attention to Inferno, one of the most prolific bands ever to emerge from the Czech Republic.

Inferno started their career in the mid-90s and within a few years, they managed to establish their name in the local underground scene, releasing two demos “Peklo Na Zemi” and “Temná Poselství Dávných Předků” in 1996 and 1998 respectively. Nigredo Records and Bestial Invasion Records decided to release these two demos in a single edition for the 25th anniversary of the band, so let’s say a few words about the first days of Inferno.

In “Peklo Na Zemi” we meet a completely free band, which seems to compose and record songs spontaneously, which gives an unexpected impetus to the whole effort. The compositions and sounds seem to come out naturally, with the intensity and passion that usually accompanies “fresh” bands. The atmosphere is generally dark, but there are some punk outbursts sometimes as well, that actually fit in quite well. The main purpose here is not speed, but creating the ability to easily and quickly put you in the sense of the whole effort. In the – practically – four tracks of the demo (+ intro, outro) Inferno lay the foundations on which they will slowly begin to build the beast we saw later on.

Without omitting its intro, “Temná Poselství Dávných Předků” starts and grabs your neck immediately. Here I think Inferno went a step further, with compositions that seem to be much more elaborate and careful. The pieces have more coherence and better sequence, while in terms of mood, I see a tendency towards the most ‘aggressive’ front, with brutality flooding the structures. At the same time, as a point of contrast in all this primitive atmosphere, Inferno this time add strange keys that give a more ritualistic breath. From my own point of view, here the Czechs realized which path they would follow in the future, so I think we are getting a taste of the “Duch Slovanské Síly” album that will be released later.

For those not familiar with Inferno, I suggest checking this release, as an introduction to the main body of their discography. For those who have already laid a finger, this version is worth acquiring, as part of the bands history. These are their roots.


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