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Iniquitous Savagery: To Release “Subversions of the Psyche”


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Grindethic Records has announced the September 22 release of “Subversions of the Psyche”, the full-length debut from Scottish brutal death unit Iniquitous Savagery.

Check out album track, “Transient States of Metaphysical Revelation” here.

Subversions of the Psyche track listing:

1. Prey to the Agonies of Morbid Apprehension
2. Transient States of Metaphysical Revelation
3. Cognitive Dissonance (featuring guest vocals from Batu Cetin)
4. Sadistic
5. Subversions of the Psyche
6. Propagating a Pestiferous Enmity (featuring guest vocals from Tom Bradfield)
7. Prognosis of Terminal Parasitic Degradation Facilitating the Process for Utter Decomposition
8. Subjugated Into Pathological Servility

Pre-order Subversions of the Psyche at www.grindethic.bigcartel.com

Vaios Sven
Vaios Sven
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