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Innsmouth – The Shadow Over Innsmouth


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Genre: Technical Death Metal
Country: Denmark
Year: 2014

The Danes Innsmouth, is a new band and ‘The Shadow Over Innsmouth’ is their debut album. Things are simple. A trio of very good musicians who perform with the right way and with the (about) right sound their Technical Death Metal style playing.

The tracks on the album are possessed by constant changes in tempo, rhythmic values and style, giving a complexity required for each band-respecting herself. Listening to “Vomiting a hole in the soul”, which opens the cd, seemed very verbose and a lead guitar which sound not good and find it all apart. In contrast to the next track “Dreams of Drowning” things started to get better, and by the end they had managed to distract me.

If I had to suggest Innsmouth to someone will recommend them to fans of Necrophagist, Obscura and Nile. In several places I have revealed influences from Nocturnus and Atheist, although it is evident that keen on most modern version of the technical death metal. My only objection is that I think the production is much clearer than it’s needed – a little more gain on the guitars and more wide drums I think it would be better – but it’s just their first album, so expect to see in the future, their improvements and of course whether will have long lasting.


Bill Z.
Bill Z.
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