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Inquisitor – Walpurgis-Sabbath Of Lust (reissue)


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Genre: Thrash/Death Metal
Country: Netherlands
Label: Hammerheart Records
Year: 2014

Hammerheart Records will reissue the classic thrash metal album “Walpurgis/Sabbath Of Lust” of Dutch Inquisitor! Originally released in 1996, and made particular sense in the underground movement of the time, but for reasons I do not know the band had no continuity.

The “Walpurgis – Sabbath Of Lust” is a hellish death / thrash metal album in the vein of Sadus, with several more sharpen sound and musical naivety. These guys obviously influenced by American prog / deathsters,but also put multiple items from Dark Angel and Kreator, making an album that while reminds the above bands has something personal and special. Frantic riffs, violent drumming and a singer with surprise vocals that touch until very high notes- style King Diamond!

I do not know why this recirculation (perhaps a re union?), but although for the time it was released was a good album, it sounds far more pleasant than just fanatics thrasers, who want to dive in deeper waters of the past, and hear more than the known historical bands of the genre.


Bill Z.
Bill Z.
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