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Interview With Charles Elliott (Abysmal Dawn)


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We had the chance to have a little talk Abysmal Dawn. Special thanks to Charles Elliott who had the time give us some aspects for “Obsolescence” Abysmal Dawn’s new album and other useful stuff..

So here we go!

Hello Charles, hello Abysmal Dawn. Welcome to Metal Invader it’s our pleasure to host you on our site!

Thanks for having me!

You are a band with 3 full length albums so far! Title and artwork for your new album are officially revealed. What you say in order to describe “Obsolescence” and what can we expect from the upcoming album?

I’d say it’s a little more atmospheric and faster than our previous records. There’s definitely still a ton of groove there though. Probably a bit more guitar interplay on this one, like harmonies and counter melodies. Lyrically I’m pretty proud of it. I love death metal and black metal but I tried to stay away from the typical themes of those genres as much as possible. If there was a somewhat typical theme I tried to approach it in a new way.

How did it work out for Obsolescence ? Is it going to be something different from the other albums? Did you work in a different way particularly for this one?

I think all our albums are different. Maybe this one is more like a mix of “Leveling…” and more refined version of “Programmed…”. I think this album has the best flow out of any of our previous records. There are also no samples, intros or instrumentals on this one. We decided to cut the bullshit and just have killer songs. It was sort of hard to write after the success of “Leveling…”. It was also made more difficult since our drummer moved up north about 6 hours away. We worked around it though. I basically just bought a new computer, recording software and got good at programming drums. We had a couple of songs that started from jam sessions, but I think we only got together maybe 3 times in the rehearsal space before going to record. I’d just take the cool ideas from the jam sessions and expand on that to finish the songs. When it came time to record, Scott (drummer) just refined everything and made it better.

What are your inspirations as Abysmal Dawn? Where do you extract your musical and lyrical themes from?

Musically it’s hard to say but mostly the stuff I grew up with. It’s been a while since anything has completely hit me over the head with how awesome it was to be honest. I guess the last thing that really floored me was maybe “Surgical Steel” by Carcass. I think I just have my influences and write at this point without really thinking about it. Lyrically, I get ideas from all over the place. Sometimes it’s from a movie, book or documentary but a lot of the time it draws from my personal experiences. Sometimes I feel like I’m putting too much of myself out there. Then again, music is supposed to be about getting those feelings off your chest.

Any plans to visit Europe in future? Well we know there is great tour for you in America with great bands. SepticFlesh are also included in this billing for that tour! Are you feeling excited about this tour?

We’re very excited to do that tour! We’re fans of Septicflesh as well. We’re trying to put something together for Europe now. I’m crossing my fingers that it works out.

How do you spend your time as a band when there are no plans for tour or songwriting?

Well the songwriting and recording process takes a long time in this band. This album took maybe a year and a half to demo then record, mix, and master. If we all lived closer together maybe it wouldn’t have taken that long. So really, I haven’t had a moment of peace practically since I did that first Death to All tour. If we got together between albums it was mostly to get drunk haha.

Charles, you were part of “Death to All” tour for Chuck’s Schuldiner “DEATH”. What are your experiences from this whole thing? How was it to play on stage with guys such as DiGiorgio, Hoglan, Reinert and others?

It was a nerve racking, eerie and truly awesome experience. Looking back that might have been the coolest experience of my life so far. I wanted to make an impression so bad while honoring Chuck’s legacy. The original guys didn’t have anything to prove; but I did. I was really nervous at first but I loosened up quickly since everyone was so cool. We really didn’t have very much time to play the songs together, and we had a couple train-wrecks at practice. That first gig we played in San Francisco though was magic and went off without a hitch. All the those shows were a blast and it was and honor to play with all my idols (practically) in just one tour.

What would you say as an advise to musicians who love to play and finally make their own music?

Play what you love. Don’t follow trends regardless of where you think it might get you. You’ll regret in the end and your career won’t last. Play from your fucking heart.

Last words belong to you Abysmal Dawn..

Thanks for all the support in Greece and hopefully we’ll see you guys this time with “Obsolescence”.

Check a song from Their new album here:

Vaios Sven
Vaios Sven
Death Metal to the Fucking Bone

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