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Interview with Aaron Stainthorpe (My Dying Bride)


How is quarantine life treating you? Anything productive you’ve been working on?

Well I am teaching my daughter as all the schools are closed so that is keeping me very busy. So much in fact that when the evening comes I’m so tired I have been going to bed at 8pm! I was hoping to read some poetry out on Facebook but can’t seem to find the time, but I will try.

You went on a small hiatus for a few years. While in it, you felt that you had grown up as musicians individually, considering also that there have been some negative experiences to a personal level along the way?

Most certainly yes, especially when we went into the studio and analyzed what we had written under the microscope. The studio really does show a bands strengths and weakness’ and we knew we were better now than we have ever been.

“The Ghost of Orion” is out and it has been warmly embraced by fans and newbies to My Dying Bride’s legacy. What are your feelings towards the album?

It was very hard work creating it and so I fully appreciate all the love it has been getting this last month. We worked so hard on this that I’m glad so many find it such a great thing to listen too. Thank you everyone.

Would you go back and change anything to the album now, coming back to it as a listener?

No. I still think it’s the greatest thing we have achieved in our career and I can’t imagine how or what we could change. We had such a long time to spend on making sure it was correct that any changes made now would be trivial.

I would like you to elaborate a little bit on the lyrics of “The Old Earth”. I feel like it’s telling an interesting story that people should know about, if I’m right.

I feel the “Old Earth” should be read like a biblical piece rather than a generic lyric. It was written as such because that was how I was feeling at the time – quite saintly. You can make up your own mind about the meaning as again, like the bible, it can mean different things to different people depending on how you perceive the written word. I have a specific idea for the song in my mind but I’m keeping it to myself for now to allow others space to decide for themselves.

For which My Dying Bride album are you mostly proud of?

I love all the albums but the one which seems to have spread it’s wings the widest would be “Turn Loose The Swans” although personally I prefer “The Dreadful Hours”. Swans was released in a time when it was needed so it’s left a permanent mark in the history of music and will always remain a classic for many of our fans. I believe we have made better albums but will they make the same impact? Only time will tell.

If you had a time machine and had the chance to go back in 1990, what would you have changed, when it comes to the band?

Nothing at all. When I look back at the things we created and the things we did I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m very proud of our early albums and we will endeavor to perform songs from that period in live shows where we can. I think we looked good, sounded good and had the right attitude 30 years ago.

Are there any bad decisions you had made when it comes to music, or are you one of those people that take lessons from every step they take, even if it is a mistaken one?

I can’t think of a bad mistake My Dying Bride have made. We have never had a manager so myself and Andrew have made all the decisions and we think carefully about everything we do so we can eliminate mistakes even before they happen. We still manage the band today and are extremely proud of everything we have achieved.

What do you think of today’s gothic/doom metal scene? Are you keeping up with new releases?

No, I can’t. There is simply too much music out there to study the form of others. I know who I like and I follow what they are doing but to be honest, they are bands who have been around for a long time also, so not too up to date with newer material.

There are a few selected festival dates for My Dying Bride within this year, one of which includes Athens Rocks Winter Edition in Greece, along with the mighty Helloween. What should the greek audiences expect from a My Dying Bride show, after so many years, considering there will be new fans there as well?

It has been a long time since we last played in Greece so are looking forward to coming back. And I love Helloween, especially the early years, so am looking forward to seeing them too. If the corona virus dies off and we do actually play the festival then you will see us perform two new songs from The Ghost of Orion along with many classics from most of our back catalogue. I hope the new fans will like the old stuff too.

What are your expectations from Greece’s My Dying Bride fans for that night?

I have no idea but last time we were there is was amazing! I love Greece and go there a lot and was recently at my Greek friends wedding in Crete, which was fantastic. I have had many holiday there, on the various islands and hope to come back with my family in the future. Beautiful country.

Thank you and congratulations on the new album. I can’t wait to see you live.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to returning to Hellas as soon as we can.

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