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Interview with Aeons Of Hate


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Hi guys! First of all, congratulations for your effort and continue like this, offering more and more releases! Ok, let the interview begin! You are active since 2012. What’s the small history of “Aeons of Hate”? Introduce yourselves and give any useful information about the band.

Nick: We began in the mid 2012 when I met with Stamatis (drums) and we decided to start jamming. Towards the end of the year, the band was complete when Aris (bass, vocals) joined us. The following years we kept rehearsing constantly while composing songs. Our base is Thessaloniki.


How did you decide to adopt this name? What exactly does “Aeons of Hate” mean?

N: Aeons Of Hate is a name I was using since the late 80’s for the band I had with my brother Lakis (drums) and my friend Manolis (bass, vocals). We used to play Venom and Celtic Frost covers back then. Aeons is about long periods of time throughout the history of mankind, which are full of hate and killings.


aeons of hate ΕΞΩΦΥΛΛΟ coverTell us, how did your debut album, “Aeons of Hate”, come to life? Did you face many difficulties during the period of the recordings? Describe  this “adventure” with a few words!

N: In the beginning of 2015 we decided to record our first full-length and our sole problem was financial. We had very little time so we had to perform our best.

The eight songs of the album were created with passion and this is quite clear! Share with us your thoughts of every song or the whole idea of the album!

N: Each and every song is indispensable to the whole meaning of Aeons of Hate
Aris: I believe the listener has many options to translate both the music and the lyrics according to his own point of view. In general:
Sands of Deception: Deceit, and what’s hidden beneath it
Solemn: Isolation/cleansing from the rotten common
Aeons of Hate: Hate unleashed, with a warfield font
Collapse: The inevitable collapse of mankind due to greed and its deification
Means to An End: No matter what means one can use, even if salvation leads to death
Plague of Iron: Display of mass slaughters due to technology’s arrival in the warfield
Dark Words: (gap)
Pale Death: The final victor of every fight. Portrayed.

Anyone could say that the sound of “Aeons of Hate” reminds of the recordings of the late ‘80s. Did you want to create it or it arose by chance?

N: Nothing came in by chance. From the beginning I had in mind the sound of our CD.

Generally, your lyrical themes are about hate, war and death, aren’t they? But what are your interests in “Aeons of Hate” exactly? What is your opinion about all these topics?

A: In general, it’s a depiction of raw reality, which as Nick mentioned before, humanity is witnessing from its beginning. Without a single view of “beautification” I may say, or false positivity. It’s a result of an innate misanthropy in the human race and when combined with primal insticts our results are the topics we discuss.

One more quite notable thing of this release is the cover artwork. Give us some more information. Is there anything special that your fans have to know about?

N: First of all, the artwork is the creation of Jim Evgenidis. We discussed together a lot about it and we concluded that the results of centuries of hate should be visible on the artwork. The initial image was a stunning picture of Dresden ruins after the Allies’ bombardment in 1945.

This release gets good reviews and personally I believe that it’s going to be one of the successful Greek recordings! How do you feel about it? Will you change the way of thinking about music from now on because of this?

N: It is truly an honor. There is no way we’ll change anything about the way we think about our music.

Do you believe that everything went so well with this album? Today, a few monts after it’s release, would you change anything to it?

N: We wouldn’t change anything. Perhaps we’d just add a bit more time to the schedule.

Share the best and the worst moment of this recording!aeons of hate

N: Thankfully, there were no bad moments. Everything went as planned.

What are your tour plans for the next months? Do you have any programmed live performances, both in Greece or abroad?

N: There are no direct plans at the moment. But sure we desire to make as many live performances as possible, inside and outside Greece.


Your debut album is out there and you already have huge fans! Are you ready to “defeat the consequences” of being more and more famous?

N: All three of us are down to earth, so there are no such issues.


The assault of eight songs will be nailed to our brains for some time. What is going to follow after this?

N: Another attack, even more brutal than the first strike.


Are you working on new rhythms, songs and lyrics or it’s too early for such thoughts?

N: Not early at all, we’ve been working a lot these last 3 years, and so the material for our second CD is pretty much ready.


If I’m not mistaken, you are unsigned this period of time. There are many bands that prefer to be independent without following the specific rules of the labels. What is your opinion about this? Are you waiting for “THE BIG DEAL” or are you just looking for a logical and normal contract and that’s all?

N: Our CD was released by ALONE RECORDS, with which the deal totally suits our purposes. Anything else greater at this very moment should be examined very carefully, because anything between the lines could be harmful for the band.


Mainly, you are playing Thrash Metal music with elements and characteristics of Death Metal. Is the existence of “labels” in music so appropriate and useful?

N: Unfortunately labels have to exist. It’s a first specification for the ones who have not listened anything from a band before.


Are you satisfied with Greek metal scene? Do you think it’s too competitive compared to the scene abroad? What might be the advantages and disadvantages of being a Greek band?

A: There is quality, of course. It can be seen as more and more bands start performing abroad and even become famous, specifically in the extreme metal scene. However, a band should focus on small goals, and achieve each one at a time, without mimicking the ones who succeed.
Truth is, there are financial problems here in Greece which can be obstacles for touring, but it can not take away the passion and wit for music, and with 2-3 successful moves, one can achieve wonders!

aeons of hateOf course, there are some bands that influence you more. Which are these groups and which are the specific things that you keep them alive?

N: Our influences are many, such as SLAYER, SODOM, DEATH etc, I believe we maintained the passion and the tension these bands have.

A: All three of us listen to different bands, but we share the common love for the oldschool mid-80’s extreme sound. I would personally add CELTIC FROST, KREATOR and BATHORY to the aforementioned by Nick.


One last question and you are free! After four years of activity, what do you have to say about the world of music?

N: In order to keep crossing it, you only got to keep having a good time!


Ok guys, thank you! The last words are yours! Say something to your fans!

Be honest with yourselves! Keep on thrashin’ !

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