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Interview with Ahab (Cornelius Althammer)


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As the 2 days that Demons Gate Festival will take place in Athens are coming closer Metal Invader will try to keep your interest hot about this great festival by posting several interviews with the bands that features the festival’s billing. Ahab, the  funeral doom band from Germany is one of the reasons you should attent the gig in 30 September (the festival has one more day, the following one, 1 October) 2022 in Kytarro, Athens.

If one checks on your social media pages, can see for sure that you had a long and interesting summer festival run this year. How does it feel like getting back to “normal” after the pandemic?

It´s simply the best thing in the world. This is exactly what I live for. It is overwhelming to have all this back. Every single aspect of playing live, like travelling to places, meeting people, joking with the stage crew, soundchecking, playing, everything…

Your most recent album, came out in 2015, entitled “The Boats of Glen Carrig”. Has anything been under the cooks, studio-wise? Any updates?

Yeah, totally! Our upcoming album is finished and will come out in the beginning of 2023.

Looking almost 20 years ago behind, around the time your debut album in 2006 came out, “The Call of the Wretched Sea”, what do you reflect on? Actually, to put it this way, how far have Ahab come, music and person wise?

If it´s about that album there are two main things I am reflecting on. It was the time when I joined the band and everything was very new and exciting. I knew Christian and Daniel before, but this was merely a typical “backstage acquaintance”. So, becoming friends was a very intense experience. The other thing is my drumming on that album which could have been way better. But this does not matter anymore since we recorded “live Prey”. Nearly all songs of our debut are on this one with the performance they deserve.

I guess it´s probably easier to judge for other people, when it comes to the musical development of Ahab. For me everything feels very natural, because we never compromise. We just do what we want. Person wise I can assure you that everything is perfect. Our friendship has never become overshadowed by business or other negligibilities. Everybody has become (just a little bit!) wiser, and that´s it. Chris and me have better beards, nowadays.

A question I’m always eager to ask any musician I interview, is how the quarantine has affected you as a person and a musician.

For me as a musician this was exactly what I needed. I spent hours and hours and hours behind my drumset and finally mastered some things I always wanted to be able to play. Idiotically fast doublebass, for example. I recorded four albums and one EP during these two years.

One strange thing I realized two weeks ago, is that I have “acquired” some kind of stage fright. I hope this will go away while I am getting used to play live again.

You’re about to come to Greece for the Demons Gate festival. Have you ever been here before?

In 2014 we already played in Athens. What can I say, this was a wonderful trip. We received maximum hospitality, we met a ton of very funny people, we ate the best food in the world… I really enjoy thinking of this time.

What are your expectations for the show in Athens, in September?

Meeting all those lovely people again, meeting bands we haven´t met in years, a great location

What should the audience see from Ahab, what would you want those who have not heard the band before, see from you?

A great concert, hopefully.

What are you mostly looking forward to, for your visit in Greece?

Honestly? Laughing all night long, having an untroubled time during this apocalyptic era.

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